Natural Wild Harvested Baobab from Kenya

What is Afya and how is it different to other companies in the market?

What Afya is all about

In short, Afya is one big family. From the Kenyans who go out every day and wild harvest our Baobab pods, to the UK based admin people who help deliver it to your doorstep. Afya, most importantly, is built around a strong family spirit with everyone involved working together towards a common goal; to promote health. Health and being healthy in body and spirit is at the core of our social business. Afya means ‘health’ in Kiswahili, the national language of Kenya. This is reflected throughout Afya, from providing a super healthy product, to helping support other families like ours who promote healthy principles.

Fairness and quality

As the Afya family includes everyone (from the people who harvest the pods to the London based office team) this chain enables Afya to ensure a fair income is returned to the people involved at the very beginning of the process, and in turn provide an income to rural households.

Not only are our production methods fair, but they also result in the best products. The areas where our Baobab is wild harvested are some of the most fertile soils across Africa. Kenya is known for growing the best tea and coffee in the world, and the same is true for its Baobab. Research looking at the nutritional content of natural wild harvested Baobab across East, West and Southern Africa found that Baobab in East Africa is nutritionally superior. Kenya specifically, produces Baobab with the highest fibre, iron and manganese content of all African countries.

Helping our furry friends

It is in this family spirit that we have also been inspired to team up with and support the Kenya Society for the Protection of Animals. KSPCA work tirelessly with limited resources to protect all animals across Kenya and educate people on animal welfare. Their work includes everything from spaying and neutering campaigns for stray cats and dogs, to rescuing and treating animals that have been abused, and educating local farmers on the humane slaughter of livestock. Afya believes this is vital work and pledges its support by providing donations made possible through the sale of Afya Baobab Superfruit Powder.

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