The Kenyan Society for the Protection & Care of Animals works tirelessly with limited resources to help in all areas of animal welfare in Kenya. From helping to prevent the cycle of suffering many stray cats and dogs live through, to educating local farmers on the humane slaughter of their livestock; KSPCA is there to protect all animals across Kenya.



There are multiple KSPCA shelters in Kenya with volunteers and staff dedicated to responding to callouts and caring for stray animals. Lost pets also find their way into the shelters and are usually either reclaimed by their owners or re-homed to carefully vetted new owners.

As opposed to killing stray cats and dogs, spaying and neutering is by far the most humane way of preventing the cycle that sees many animals suffering on the streets. KSPCA conducts these campaigns in lower income areas when funds allow.

With over 6000 calls per year, KSPCA remain inundated and respond to reports of abandonment and animal cruelty across Kenya. Pet advice and education is offered to owners.

Regular school visits allow the education of children on the importance of animal welfare. Fun school trips to the animal shelters are organised which is both and exciting day out, and educational for the children.

After witnessing the suffering of animals in Kenyan slaughter houses, KSPCA was involved in the introduction of more humane treatment of livestock. This involved the promotion of captive bolt pistols which are imported by KSPCA and sold to local farms at cost price. KSPCA inspectors also teach slaughter house workers on the correct use and maintenance of this equipment.

Our promise is simple

For every 10g of Baobab sold, we will donate 1 Kenyan Shilling to the KSPCA

What have your purchases funded so far?


Snap Tests for Feline Autoimmune Infection

Currently the on call vet has to take samples to a local/ private lab for analysis. Providing instant snap tests to test for Feline Autoimmune infection will both prevent the spending on private clinics and provide instant results.


Selection of 10 different sized carry cases

Carry Cases for cats or small to medium dogs. At the moment, due to a lack of space at the KSPCA kennels and an influx of stray kittens and cats the staff have been forced to use the carry cases as temporary homes for the kittens. These were a much needed source of income for KSPCA as they were rented out to generate an income.


Formal training for KSPCA staff

Many of the KCPCA staff and volunteers require formal training to ensure the best possible care for the animals in the shelters. This will send one KSPCA staff member on a local training course and enable them to share the new skills and information they learn with colleagues back at the shelter.