Interviews with a nutritionist – “how did your journey start?”

Some time ago now, in my final year of university, I visited Kenya with my dad – I was simply interested to explore a new place I hadn’t been to before. It was in a small makeshift school in a small village within the Kibera slum that I experienced my most inspirational and important life experience to date…

It began with an incredible musical performance by the children on homemade instruments, followed by a meal of steaming ugali and sakuma wiki (cooked maize dough and kale). It was cobbled together by some of the pupils and teachers to feed over 500 hungry mouths, including a spare plate for me. Within the walls of the school, nestled in the centre of a bustling, chaotic and somewhat dangerous urban slum, there was a powerful family spirit and atmosphere of genuine happiness. With the children’s big cheeky smiles all round and enthusiastic volunteer teachers making the best of the limited resources. This to me was health – a coming together of people to form one big family and promoting healthy minds, body’s and spirit.

It was this experience that drew me back to Kenya to live for the next 6 years of my life. And along the way, meet other inspirational people with similar ideas and spirit, who would come together and form Afya.

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