About us

A little bit about the story of Afya…

Afya means ‘health’ in Kiswahili, the language of Kenya. Afya is a family that includes everybody from the harvesters that collect our pods from the great Baobab tree, to the pickers and packers in our UK warehouse. The Afya family works together with the common goal of promoting healthy minds, body’s and spirit.

We believe Baobab is the superfood of superfoods! Afya Baobab Superfruit Powder is not only a super healthy product, it also has the potential to bring incomes to remote areas where unemployment is an everyday reality, generate financial support through our pledge to the Kenya Society for the Protection of Animals and ensure the Great Baobab tree remains a prominent figure in the African landscape for generations to come.

At the head of the Afya family is Poppy in Kenya and Declan in the UK. Poppy works around the clock supporting everybody from our harvesters, processors and delivery drivers, to visiting KSPCA regularly to check up on the staff and animals usually over a quick cup of chi masala . Declan is a nutritionist and puts his knowledge to use within Afya by providing nutritional advice. writing informative blog posts and constantly learning new things about Kenya’s incredible superfoods.

Meet the team!

Abbas Nurmohamed

Both my parents were born in Kenya and spent the majority of their childhood there. Most summers we would go back for family holidays and every time I went back, Kenya grew on me more and more. I decided to travel Kenya extensively after completing university to connect to my roots and fully appreciate the country that both my parents call home! While in Kenya, I was fortunate enough to meet Declan and Patricia, and we would like to share our passion of Kenya with you all.

Favourite way to use Baobab

I like to sprinkle my Baobab powder over a salad, finely chop some lettuce, tomato, cucumber and some red onion, squeeze in some lemon juice and a dash of olive oil and you’re good to go!

Declan Lawlor

I first went to Kenya in around 2012 during the final year of my nutrition degree. I stayed in the Kibera slum, in Nairobi, where I took anthropometric measurements from over 500 children across three different schools. After finishing my degree I moved back to Kenya where I lived for the majority of my 20’s, had a mind blowing time, met Patty & Abbas and created Afya!

Favourite way to use Baobab

I’m a regular gym goer, so my favourite way to use Afya Baobab Superfruit Powder is by adding a 10g spoonful to my post workout protein shake. Whack it in, throw in a banana, give it a whizz in the blender and you have the perfect electrolyte replenishing, totally delish protein shake!

Patty Odera

Love the outdoors; I could walk for miles marvelling at nature. Am a tree huggers, a love that I got from my dad. Growing up our home stead looked like an oasis, surrounded by different types of tree he planted which come from all over the country, the one tree we did not have was the Baobab tree. I have always been an advocate for healthy living; small tweaks in one’s life will make such a huge difference. Being and living healthy doesn’t have to be boring, blunt or tedious; it’s as easy as a tablespoon of baobab powder

Favourite way to use Baobab

I add it to almost everything, water, sprinkle it on pancake and mix it in cake batter, make a face mask but my absolute fav way to use Afya Baobab powder is in baking dog biscuits!

Cynthia Ogweno

My mother was a single parent so when she passed away I went to live with my uncle in Nairobi. He had three young kids and seeing as I was the oldest I took up the task of cooking. That is where my passion to be a chef come from, though I never went to chef school, I always felt like one. I was in my element and still am in the kitchen! I used to incorporate new and different ingredients as I travelled around the country during school breaks visiting relatives. It was so exciting learning about new spices, and Mombasa was the hub of spices. So when I completed school, i moved to Mombasa where I met the Afya family and become part of it.

Favourite way to use Baobab

I love making my tangy fish curry using baobab instead of tamarind!

Irene Nachesa

We have translated this from Swahili

Me and my daughter Valerie were finding it hard in our village in Bungoma, we were struggling. When the droughts come, work can be hard to find. I came to Mombasa in search of work, and although it was hard, I left m daughter behind in Bungoma while I settled in my new home. Since I have joined Afya as a processor, I have a steady income and I have been able to afford my own apartment with enough room to bring my daughter to live with me. I have also been able to save up enough to afford to send her to the school. I hope to stay in Mombasa and work with Afya for as long as I can.

Favourite way to use Baobab

I love mabuyu and it’s also Valerie’s favourite! They are sweet and tangy, like natures sweets.

Swaleh Mwatsowa

We have translated this from Swahili

I grew up on the coast in a small village with my mother, father and 6 brothers and sisters. Both my father and my granddad knew how to pick the Baobab tree. I used to play around on the trees near our home when I was small and watch them climb and pick the fruits. When I was old enough my father allowed me climb with him. He showed me how to pick the best ones, the ones that are ready! I am proud to keep our tradition and provide for my family at the same time, something I’m sure I will teach my sons when they are old enough!

Favourite way to use Baobab

In our village we have also used Baobab as a healer, when the watoto’s (babies/ kids) have diarrhoea they can get very dehydrated. We put the Baobab in with water which helps them feel better and stops them being thirsty.